Top 13 iMac Surprises

  1. "Happy Mac" icon replaced by "Happy Mac downloading porno" icon.
  2. Errors now produce Bill Gates's cackling laugh and an image of his butt.
  3. Legal fireworks ensue when marketing blitz coincides with McDonalds' introduction of their new eyeball burger.
  4. Free "Gullible Consumer" button with every purchase.
  5. It only costs twice as much as a 233 MHz Pentium II, yet it will run almost 29% as much software!
  6. Includes "Robert Downey, Jr. Mode" for energy-saving auto shut-off.
  7. Decided not to go with the original "Bill Gates gave us a ton of dough and here's what we came up with" marketing campaign.
  8. Special "Presidential" version: the iMacDaddy
  9. Still "insanely great", but now with 300% more insane!
  10. Makes a Grande Skinny Latte like nobody's business.
  11. Trash can icon lined with Apple stock certificate icons.
  12. Due to miscommunication with design team, the first prototype was called the IMAX and featured a 100-foot high monitor.
  13. Design team responsible for "new look" signed the inside of the case -- in Braille.
This list copyright 1998 by Chris White
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