How Old Is Mom?

A boy asked his mom, -How old are you?-.
Mom answered, -There are some things you don't ask a woman.

-Well, how much do you weigh?- he asked.
-Son, that's another question you just don't ask a woman- she answered.

-So, why did you divorce Dad?-
-When you are older I'll explain it better.-

Then his older brother took him aside and said, -You idiot, you don't ask questions like that. If you want to know that you just look at moms drivers license-.

So the younger brother sneaked into his mom's purse and looked at her license.

The next day he said,-Mom I know how old you are.
-Oh?- she said.

-43- he replied. -And I know how much you weigh, 135 lbs.-

-And I know why you divorced Dad.
"Really," she looks up.

"Because you got an F in sex."

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This joke is rated: PG