Medical Terminology

Arterystudy of paintings
Bacteriathe back door of a cafeteria
Bariumwhat doctors do when the patient dies
Bowela letter like a,e,i,o,or u
Cesarean Sectiona neighborhood in Rome
Cat Scanlooking for Chelsea's cat
Cauterizemade eye contact
Colica sheep dog
D&Cwhere Washington is
Dilateto live long
Enemanot a friend
Genitalnot a jew
G.I. Seriesmilitary ball game
Hangnailcoat hook
Impotentdistinguished, well known
Labor Paingetting hurt at work
Mammograma telegram to your Mama
Medical Staffa doctor's cane
Morbida higher offer
Nitratescheaper then day rates
Nodewas aware
Outpatienta person who fainted
Papsmeara fatherhood test
Pelvisa cousi to Elvis
Postoperativea letter carrier
Recovery Roomplace to do upolstery
Rectumdang near killed'em
SeisureRoman Emperor
Sonogramtelegram to your son
Tabletsmall table
Terminal Illnessairport sickness
Tumormore then one
Ultrasounda loud noise
Urineopposite of "your out"
Weakseven days

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