Military Camouflage

A military unit was out on a field exercise one day practicing camouflaging techniques. When all the men had taken position the company commander went to a hilltop so that he could view the area. As he was evaluating the effectiveness of the camouflaged men he noticed that one "tree" was moving (very much unlike a real tree). The commander thought that most of the men were camouflaged pretty well, however, there was that same "tree" which kept moving around.

Infuriated at these distractive movements the commander gave the order for that particular soldier to report to his office the moment the men returned to the barracks. Later that afternoon a soldier quietly tapped on the commanders office door.
The commander asked the soldier what he wanted.
The soldier nervously replied that he had been instructed to report to the commander's office at the end of the field exercise.
Realizing who this soldier was the commander flew into a rage shouting about how distractive the soldier had been during the camouflaging exercise. Red in the face the commander continued to roar at the soldier about how unacceptable his actions were and then he demanded an explanation.

The soldier then responded sheepishly, "Sir, I am truly sorry for my performance today, but there is a reason for my actions. When that dog came by and decided to relieve himself on my leg, I stood still. And when that pigeon landed on my head and started to "decorate me," again I remained still. But when those two squirrels ran up my leg and said, "Let's eat one now and save the other for later" I just COULDN'T stand still!"

Submitted By: Antonio Oliveros Fernandez

This joke is rated: PG