The Obscene Clone

A man invented a little gadget in his basement. He did a little marketing on the gadget and it really took off.

Orders were coming in so fast that he couldn't keep up with them. So he decided to order a robot that would build the gadgets.

He went to the robot factory on the other side of the mountain and asked to order a robot. The salesman was willing, but, he explained, they had a special on clones that week. Would the inventor buy a clone instead?

The inventor agreed and within a few weeks he received his clone. He put the clone to work in the basement and, sure enough, the clone began making the gadgets with expertise, working day and night.

Everything was fine, except for the fact that the clone cursed and uttered profanities and obscenities all the while he worked.

The inventor liked the clone's work, but he couldn't stand the obscenities. When he had company, everyone could hear the obscenities coming from the basement. It was embarrassing.

Finally the inventor could take it no more. He called the factory and told them he wanted to bring the clone back. The factory foreman agreed and said perhaps they could reprogram the clone to get rid of the obscenities.

So the inventor put the clone in the passenger seat of his car and started across the mountain. The further they drove, the more obscene the clone became.

The inventor had had it. He suddenly stopped his car, jerked the clone out of the seat and threw it over a cliff.

Just then a highway patrolman came along. He stopped, pulled out his handcuffs and told the inventor, "You're under arrest!"
"Why?," asked the inventor.
"I saw you throw that man over the cliff," the patrolman said.
"That wasn't a man, that was a clone," the inventor explained. "He was so obscene that I had to get rid of him."
"In that case," the patrolman said, "I still have to arrest you."
"Why?," asked the inventor, again.

"For making an obscene clone fall," the patrolman said.

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: geek groan epic