The Panda In The Whorehouse

A panda walks into a whorehouse and is greeted by the madame:
Madame: What's your pleasure?
Panda: I wanna lick some pussy.
Madame: Upstairs, third door on your left.
So he goes into the room upstairs and goes about his business. After bringing the lady of the room around a few times, he gets up, washes himself and starts for the door.
Whore: Hey, where ya goin', that'll be 50 bucks PLUS my tip!
Panda: Not for me, I'm a panda.
Whore: What's that supposed to mean?
Panda: Check your dictionary. (exits)
Ever prepared, the prostitute reaches for her nightstand dictionary, flips past pancreas, returns from pander and finds it.

n. 1. A white and black, bear-like mammal of asia, eats bushes and leaves.

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This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals