The Priest's Parrots

Mary Riley, a devout Catholic spinster, decides to buy a parrot. At the pet store, the owner warns her, "Mary, that bird is not for you."

She wants to buy it and asks why it is not for her. The owner confesses that the parrot has a foul mouth. However, Mary is confident that she can train the bird to speak in a decent manner. She insists on buying it.

That night, she invites two priests from the local parish over for dinner. She uncovers her new bird to show it off. As soon as she removes the cover, the parrot pipes up, "My name is Susie and I love to f---."

Mary is mortified. After a few moments of shocked silence, Father Murphy calls Mary aside. "Don't be upset, Mary" he says. "It's not your fault what this parrot has learned before you got her. We have two male parrots at our parsonage that we have trained to say the Rosary. I'll be happy to take Susie to our place for a few days so she can live in the cage with Harold and John and learn pious ways from them."

The priest takes Susie to the parsonage and puts her in the cage with Harold and John. The two male parrots are fingering beads and reciting the Rosary. Suzie immediately declares, "My name is Susie and I love to f---!"

Harold says, "Awwkk! Drop the beads, John, our prayers have been answered!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG