A Tiny Pianist

This guy walks into a bar sits down on a barstool, and puts his briefcase on the barstool beside him. He orders a few drinks over the course of the night and after he's a little relaxed, he lifts the briefcase onto the bar. He opens it up and pulls out a little toy piano. He places the piano on the bar. The bartender notices this and starts to wonder to himself. Next the man pulls out a little bench and places it in front of the piano. The bartender, being a little more curious now, wanders closer. Then, all of a sudden, a little man steps out of the briefcase and sits on the little bench. Now, the bartender has ceased all of his activities to come and watch the little man. The little man starts to play, and several people gather around.
The bartender, amazed at what he sees, asks the man "Where ever did you find that little man?".
The man replies "Well you see, I was walking along one day and stubbled across this golden lantern. Thinking about the fairy tale, I decided to rub it. Sure enough a Geenie pops out and says he will grant me a wish. But, I think the Geenie was a little hard of hearing."
"Why do you say that?" "Do you really think I'd ask for a 12-inch pianist?"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG