The Three Surgeons

Three doctors got loaded in a bar and began bragging about their greatest triumphs.

The first surgeon, an Australian, told, "We once had a guy that had been squashed in a press in a printing works house last year. The only thing that was left was the left little finger. Our team of surgeons managed to construct a new hand, they built a new arm and a new body, so that when he finally went back to work, he became so efficient that he made five people unemployed.

That's nothing, said a Canadian surgeon. We had a worker that got stuck in a nuclear reactor. The only thing that was left was the hair. We made a new head, a new body and new organs, and then we sent him back to the working life. He got so efficient that he made 50 people unemployed.

The American surgeon didn't want to be any worse so he said, "One day, when I was out walking I smelled of a fart. I put the fart in a bag and carried it to the hospital, let it out on the table and started working. First we wrapped the fart in an a--hole, built a new ass and attached a body to it. Finally, it became a man named Bill Clinton, and he's making a whole f---ing country unemployed.

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