New Truck

A guy decides that he is going to make the buy of his lifetime in getting a new truck. He goes to the dealer and decides to get a new Ford Truck, fully customized and dressed out, a 4X4 with a cap and a crew cab. The cost of the truck is in the area of $50,000! He thinks about it for a minute and says out loud, "You know, if I am going to go "whole-hog" I am darned sure going to make sure that this truck is blessed by the best!

So the new truck owner gets a Rabbi, a Catholic Priest and a Faith Healer. All four are standing in the driveway trying to determine who goes first. Finally the Priest steps up and says that he will go first. He says a few words in a hushed and reserved tone, splashes some holy water at and on the truck. He is finished. The Faith Healer says that he will go next. He starts wailing out loud that the truck will have Jesus in its frame and he lays hands on it. After a few minutes of such carrying on, he finishes. The Rabbi doesn't know what to think. He has seen the solemnity of the Catholic Priest, the fire of the Faith Healer. "How" he asks, "is he going to top those performances?" A light goes on in his head and he mubles a few Hebrew tomes and goes to the back of the truck and cuts off two inches of the tailpipe!

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG