The Vicar

One Sunday afternoon, a poacher was killing game in the vicarage's woods. A few momments later, the vicar, with his trusty stick, comes walking through the forest, working off his Sunday dinner.

The poacher hides behind a bush with his half gutted rabbit and waits as the vicar approaches. The vicar gets to the bush and decides that he needs to go. One looking around him, and seeing no-one, he pulls down his trousers and starts going for the number twos.

The poacher realisers that after he has finished that the vicar will turn around and see him, so he throws the rabbit's guts onto the vicars fresh poo, and makes a run for it.

He arrives at the local village pub and turns to the barman.
"George, I'll have a pint and the vicar will have a double whiskey!"
"Bill, the vicar, in all my years here, has never come into this pub."
"Trust me George, he will today."

A few momments later, in comes the vicar, struggling for breath.
"I've got you a whiskey in vicar"
"Thanks", and downs the double.
"What's happened?", asked the barman.
"I was walking though the woods, when I needed to relieve myself, so I went in the bushes. When I finished, I turned around, and found that I had shat my guts out.......But it was alright...I pushed them back up with my stick."

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG