I Want Your Fax

Parody of
I Want Your Sex by George Michael
Parody Lyrics by Mike Biancaniello

There's those that you call
And those that you write
Friends to whom you talk
Now, I don't wanna fight
There's little things you share
And things you keep a secret
Sometimes ya think you want to tell me
But you don't 'cause I'm getting sick of it

Come on please don't call me
Dont send me no note
Don't need no letter
That my baby wrote
It's been so long honey
We're more than good friends
I've waited and waited
My patience is on threads
I want your fax
I want it now
I want your . . . fax

I'm feeling so deprived
I'm feeling so alone
But I don't need your voice
You call, I'll hang up the phone
Will you take the time
To fax me a stupid poem
If ya tell me that ya wanna see me
Then I'll tell ya to go blow it out your saxaphone


It's logical
It's technical (Let's do it)
But most of all
Habitual (Can we do it?)
Let's show it off
And prove that all
Technology can be fun
'Cause it just won't cease to come
Fax is '90's . . . Fax is cool
If somebody doesn't like it
Then he's a stupid fool
Fax is 90's . . . Fax is fun
Fax feels great when its . . . one on one
[HUH! Fax!] It's not so messy
[HUH! Fax!] It feels so sexy
[HUH! Fax!] I'll do it that day
[HUH! Fax!] You'll do it this day
What's your little problem my faxy lady?
Didn't you know that I can read?
Faxing you a letter do it with me baby
Don't you think it's time you had fax with me?