Manly Women

Parody of
Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
Parody Lyrics by Mike Biancaniello 3/29/91

Ugly women
Walkin' down the street
Heinous women
And I'm afraid to meet
Manly women
Don't lie to me, please tell the truth
do you use steroids? Are you a brute?


Ugly woman
You look like a fiend
Heinous woman
Is that a beard I see?
Manly woman
You're as hairy as can be
Go away yu've frightened me


Manly women
You just seem
Manly women
Look so mean
Manly women
It's a dream, I think
Manly woman
Oh no no
Manly women
don't you know?
Manly women
You are so, ugly
Stay where you are
don't look my way
Take one step closer, I'll run away

Ugly woman
Please pass on by
Heinous woman
I close my eyes
Manly woman
Don't try to speak, don't speak
Your voice sounds like a frog, in heat
I couldn't help but see yur feet
They are so calliced and they, sure reak
What do I see?
Are they running after me?
why do manly chicks like me?
Oh, no
Manly women