White (Burlesque) House

Parody of
Gilligan's Island Theme by Unknown
Parody lyrics by Mike Biancaniello 2/26/98
AOL Slideshow

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tail and a tapefull Tripp
That ends up in a sexcapade
Aboard partisonship

The Mate was a rather stoic man
The Bubba brave and sure
With interns, he could have his way
Untill one sheathed his sword
Untill one sheathed his sword

Things started getting rough
He got his cookies tossed
If not for his famous backwards talk,
The office would be lost
The office would be lost

This 'ship found grounds and churned into
A game of Cat And Mouse
Linda Tripp too,
The President,
And his staff ,
Kenneth Starr,
Pulled the lid off
this trouser kiss
In the White (Burlesque) House.

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