Blast, Loot, Pillage, Burn

Parody of
Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song by ????
Parody lyrics by Unknown 02/21/97

Blast, loot, pillage, burn, blast, loot, pillage, burn.
Who's the leader of the Horde that's made for what we are?
Lord D-A-R-T-H-V-A-D-E-R!
Hey there, hi there, ho there! We'll conquer every star!
Lord D-A-R-T-H-V-A-D-E-R!

Darth Vader! (Obi Wan) Darth vader! (Skywalker!)
For ever let us hold our blasters high! High! High! HIGH!

Come along and sing our song and march with us to war,
Lord D-A-R-T-H-V-A-D-E-R!

(slowly) Now its time to say goodbye - they're closing up the bar -
Lord D-A- [aaayy - a la the Fonze, including thumbs up gesture]
R-T-H- ["H" is what he'll give ya!]
V-A-D-E- (pause) R-R-R-R.

Submitted By: Matthew Wagonschnitzel