Parody of
You may be right, I may be crazy by Billy Joel
Parody lyrics by Terry Morris 1996

Well you had me in the White House once,
And some of you think that I'm a dunce,
But maybe I'm not as stupid as they say,
You were looking for a man,
Without a right-wing plan,
And you didn't care what Jennifer had to say.

All that mess about the bank,
The press was getting pretty rank,
And all those travel agents really had to go,
I'm ignoring all their cries,
With the help of the FBI,
You can paddle through Whitewater if you take it slow.


You may be right,
I may be sleazy,
But I just may be the joker that you're looking for,
It'll be all right,
I'll take it easy,
For four more years, I'll dodge the law, it'll be all right.

Now some of you wanted old Bob Dole,
But the man has a face just like a mole,
He's about fifteen years behind the times,
And Perot's a scary man,
With way too many plans,
But enough cash to buy some choice airtime.

So I'm the only choice you've got,
Cause right now I am really hot,
The polls say that I can do no wrong,
And if you all get bored,
We'll start a little war,
Bomb Saddam, and the polls will come out strong.