Garage Band

Parody of
MST3K Theme Song by ?????
Parody lyrics by Don King Jr. 12/9/96

In the not to distant future--
Next Sunday A.D.--
There was a garage band
Not to different from you or me
They worked for some stupid institute
But they really didn't like wearing two piece suits
They did a good job cleaning up the place
But there bosses didn't like 'em
So they shot 'em into space

(Get us doewn!)

We'll send them stupid songs
The worst we can find(la la la)
They'll have to sit and hear them all
And we'll monitor they'r mind(la la la)
Now keep in mind they can't control
When the movies begin or end(la la la)
Because they used those special parts
To make their robot friends:

Robot Roll Call:
Cambot!(pan left)
Gypsy!(hi girl)
Tom Servo!(what a cool guy)
CROOOOOW!(what a wise cracker)

If you're wondering hoe they eat and breathe
and other science facts(la la la)
Just repeat to your self "It's just a song"
I should really just relax
For this stupid song to stat all over again