I Lost Him To The Internet.

We use to sit on the porch at night,
We'd snuggle and we'd pet,
But now he spends his evenings,
A-cruising that danged old Internet.

I'm feelin' abused, a littled misused,
and right on the edge of mean!
You've never felt hurtin',
Till your man starts flirtin'
with some geek on the cyberscene.

I always thought that I had it together,
That I was one happenin' cat ...
But my looks and my charm can't compete,
With a woman who knows how to chat!

If I could get my hands on this goob,
I could mash her like a bean !!
But it's hard to vent,
When the woman he's seeing,
Is a woman that ain't ever been seen !

So I guess it's over and I'm the loser,
I've never had any of luck,
But if I had to lose out to a woman with a Mac,
Why couldn't it have been a truck !?!!

Submitted By: Anonymous
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Dec 11, 1997 21:39