Lovely Leia

Parody of
Lovely Rita by The Beatles
Parody lyrics by a friend of Adam's friend Dave 03/15/97

Lovely Leia, rebel spy.
Lovely Leia, rebel spy.

Lovely Leia, rebel spy
Left the Imperial Senate
Hatched a big plot to steal the Death Star plans.

When I caught a glimpse of Leia,
She was brought before Darth Vader,
Wearing two big pastries on the sides of her head.
"I received no transmissions.
I'm on a diplomatic mission."
She's going to get tortured by a floating black droid.

Lovely Leia, rebel spy,
Where is the rebel base at?
Tell him or Tarkin will blow up Alderaan.

Luke and Han, they tried to save her.
They got stuck. She took a laser,
Blasted an escape route through the garbage chute hatch.
She thought Han was mercenary,
Luke was short, and Chewie hairy.
At least they had the stolen plans in little R2.

Lovely Leia, rebel spy
Luke has destroyed the Death Star.
Give him and Han big medals made of gold.

Submitted By: Matthew Wagonschnitzel