Viagra Man

Parody of Piano Man by Billy Joel
Parody lyrics by Bolt_

It's 2 o'clock on a Wednesday
A typical group shuffles in
There's an old man sitting next to me
Looking tired, brow-beaten, and thin.

He says "Son, you're too young to be here.
"At your age, this must really blow.
"But it's no easier for me... to loose my wee wee
"It's been so long since I've seen it grow."

ly lay le ly ly ly ly
ly ly le ly ly lyyyy lyyyyyyyyyy

Restore my schlong, Viagra man!
Revive my schlong tonight!
Well, I'm in the mood for some nookie!
And you got me feeling alright!

Well, John over there is a friend of mine
He had the same surgury
Once he was quick with a stroke, how he loved to poke...
Now he's impotent just like me.

He says "Bill, I believe this is killing me!
"Even though I love the taste!
"My wife, she still looks like a movie star,
"But I'm tired of giving her face."

Ly, lay le ly ly ly ly
ly ly le ly ly lyyyy lyyyyyyyy

Now Paul writes for the Amazing Instant Novelist
His prostate has known some strife
And he's sleeping with Davy, who's screen name is Navvy
They're living an alternative life.

And the receptionist avoids eye contact
She speaks in code on the phone
Yes, there's no need to hide... but theres no sign outside
Saying "Here We Restore Your Bone."

Show us your schlong, Viagra man!
We promise that we won't bite!
If you're in the mood for some ecstacy
This gets you feeling alright!

It's a pretty good crowd for a Wednesday
The phone rings, the nurses grin
And I know who I'll see- ex-prez Georgey B-
Even before the secret service walks in.

But that Viagra, it works like a miracle!
All over the world, men cheer!
Now we're standing up tall, we're back on the ball!
And our wives again call us "dear."

Ly lay le ly ly ly ly
Ly ly ly ly lyyy lyyyyyyyyyy

Show us your schlong, Viagra man!
Show us your schlong tonight!
Well, we're both in the mood for some ecstacy!
And you got me feeling alright!

Submitted By:Bolt_
Jul 21, 1998 07:48

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