Top Ten Gripes Of Yoda

  1. The rollercoaster I cannot ride.
  2. Luke's whining I must put up with.
  3. Like Grover I talk.
  4. Levitate X-wing fighters I can but on Dagobah I am stuck.
  5. Voice of Obi-wan's keeps bugging me it does.
  6. Little girls pick me up and me they hug. Degrading it is.
  7. The better-looking female Skywalker I never got to meet.
  8. "Hooked on Phonics" commercials I audition for, take me they will not.
  9. At malls, during Christmas season, ask me, people do, if a low-quality tickle-me elmo doll I am, and how much do I cost.
  10. Stop, my grandma will not from pinching my cheeks, although 900 years old I am.
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Submitted By: Amy Bean
May 19, 1999 09:31

This joke is rated: PG