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Star Wars: The Musical

Come and see Star Wars: The Musical, where the epic adventures of your favorite characters from the moviesare immortalized in song.

We begin with the story of Han Solo. He stole money from Jabba the Hut and now there is a price on his head. As the scene opens, Han is confronted with one of Jabba's bouty hunters, In The Cantina. Meanwhile, a young Luke Skywalker is training to become a great Jedi warrior, much like his father, before him. His trainer, Obi Wan Kenobi, is defeated by the Evil Empire and vows to return more powerful than ever before. The essence of this glorious battle is portrayed through the song, Kenobi. After thwarting evil by destroying the Death Star and sending the oppressive Darth Vader hurtling deep into space, Luke goes to visit Yoda, the teacher of Ben. Our first song in this scence brings us Luke's impression of the meeting with Yoda. Then we may hear Yoda's interpretation of the encounter. Han is, then, captured by the Empire, frozen in carbonite, and turned over to Jabba to do what he will. And exactly that is what we hear from Jabba, himself in, Han. To try to save their friend, Luke and Leia travel to Jabba's place and have the honor of experiencing the Max Rebo Band. And throughout all their ordeals, C3PO remains the Very Model Of A Modern Diplomatic Droid.

Now, let's recap with the Imperial Rhapsody.

OK, I know some of you have some out there, so send them to me so we may complete the story.

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