Top 10 Reasons For Being Scottish

  1. Hate the English with a true passion.
  2. And be loved by every other nation in the world for it.
  3. You're expected to drink heavily
  4. Innate superiority at having invented most things of value. Including Whisky, Television, Penicillin.
  5. Wear skirts and no underwear (In public).
  6. Don't remember anybody's name - just call everybody "pal" or "big man"
  7. Occasional sporting success gives vent to unsurpassed celebrations.
  8. Eat offal cooked in a sheep's stomach, and call it a delicacy
  9. You get ginger hair, but aren't necessarily thought of as a freak.
  10. Every wedding has a karaoke session.

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Submitted By: Raleigh Mann
Nov 4, 1998 16:50

This joke is rated: PG